Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Special Issue, April 2013 (Special Issue) 
E-Brand as a Strategic ICT-Based Leverage for Iranian Airline Companies in Religious Tourism's Industry

Pages 1-12

Hossein Rezaei Dolatabadi; Majid Mohammad shafiee; Arash Shahin; Ali Sanayei

E-recruitment in Iran

Pages 31-38

Zahra Afshar; Zahra Afshar; Marjan Fayyazi; Marjan Fayyazi

A New Trust Model for B2C E-Commerce Based on 3D User Interfaces

Pages 69-80

Mansoor Aminilari; Alireza Miremadi; Roya Hassanian-esfahani

Protection of consumer rights in Cyberspace

Pages 81-100

Sayedmahdi Rastegari; Sayedbita Solati Dehkordi

A Comparative Study of Multi-Attribute Continuous Double Auction Mechanisms

Pages 125-138

Simin Naghavi; Yasaman Sarlati; Faria Nassiri Mofakham

An investigation of the factors affecting customer satisfaction with electronic banking in Isfahan

Pages 139-150

Behzad Hakiminya; Amirhasan kamali Sarvestani; Mahboobe Mahboobe Sadeghzadeh tabrizi; Mojtaba Saeidizadeh