Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2, September 2013 
Antecedents and Outcomes of Search Engines Loyalty: Designing a model of Iranian Users Loyalty

Pages 25-46

Touraj Gholamshahi; Yaser Aseman Doreh; Mojtaba Kafafshan; Alireza Hadadian

Assessment of factors affecting on immediate selling behavior

Pages 109-134

vahidreza mirabi; vahidreza mirabi; vahidreza mirabi; abolghasem gholamreza tehrani

Identifying & Classification of Criteria in Choosing a Bank By Customers: Case Study at Bank Mellat

Pages 135-156

Mohammad Reza Parsafard; Marzieh soltani; Hamzeh Mohammadi; Mohammad Rahim Esfidani; Mohammad Ali Haghighi

Keywords personalfactors,InternalFactors,Externalfactors,stimulus marketing(Mixed Marketing),berand, quality

Pages 223-238

Azarnoosh ansiri-Tadi; mohammad hossin moshref javadi; mohammad hossin moshref javadi; Homeyra Jamshidi