Designing and determinating mechanisms model, impacts ande output of internal branding (Case Study: Sadid industrial group)


University of Tehran- Farabi Campus, Qom


According to the present literature, internalization of organization's brand and improving employees' attitude will lead to higher profitability. Due to the importance of this issue, the present research assesses the impact of effective factors on employees' implementation of commitments with an internal branding approach and employees' improvement of attitude is considered as an important mediating factor in this regard. This study has been done in Sadid industrial group and direct observation, field study and questionnaire were used in order for data gathering. At first, the content validity of questionnaire's questions was surveyed by supervisor, Director of education of Pipe and Equipment factory. The interview was done with managers of research and development at the central office. Then questionnaires were distributed among employees of corporations and Sadid industrial group factories through available sampling. Finally, 192 questionnaires were gathered and analyzed. Conceptual model was tested by Partial Least Squares and variables correlation test by SPSS and Smart PLS Software. Test results indicate a positive and significant impact of internal branding mechanisms on employees' brand commitment implementation through brand identification, brand commitment and brand loyalty. Thus, senior managers can bring about improvement in employees' attitude and ultimately organization's profitability with educational programming and appropriate feedbacks.