Considering the effect of Human Personality on Brand Personality


1 university of tehran (faculty of farabi

2 university of Tehran

3 university of Tehran ( Farabi faculty)


- As a matter of fact, nowadays Due to the increasing rate of competition between companies and organizations, high level of customer and consumers’ expectations, increased cost of advertising and investment, the concept of "Brand Personality and all impressive factors affecting that concept", have been considered noticeably . This paper is determined to consider "Human personality" as the most important factors affecting brand personality. Hence, this study has an applied aim and follows an experimental method and its purpose is to identify the relationship between “Brand personality” and “Customer personality”. This designed research model is based on a mixture of Aaker's brand personality (1997) and Ekelund’s customer personality (2008). Content validity and structure of research questionnaires. In order to analyze data derived from questionnaires, proportional to statistical needs Statistical Package for the Social Sciences software (Smart PLS) is used. The hypothesizes of this study is about the existence of any significant relationships between “Customer personality” and “Brand personality”. In regard to the result of all data analysis, all of the hypothesizes except one is approved the main idea of this study. It means the way that people perceived brands is mainly based on the type of their opinions, beliefs and personalities