Life insurance market segmentation by customers lifestyle by using the pattern of (AIO)


1 University of Mazandaran

2 قائمشهر، کوچکسرا خیابان کهنسال کوچه شهید احمدی بن بست چهارم سمت چپ


Any company that wants to operate in any market, Including industrial markets and consumer markets, should knows that it can’t respond to all customers’ tastes and demands and serve them. To meet this problem, nowadays market segmentation was increased. The purpose of this study was to investigate the life insurance market segmentation according to customers lifestyle (AIO) in the Mazandaran. The required information was collected through cluster sampling and questionnaire AIO. 600 questionnaires were distributed and collected. Then through factor analysis and cluster analysis, respectively 8 factors and 3 clusters determined that the third part has the largest number of sample members. Finally, proposals were presented according to the characteristics of each part