the effect of Cognitiv and emotional factors on the loyalty tourist of the destinationtourist


Shahid Chamran University


Tourism plays an important role in economic development and social welfare and development of it is one of the most economical method of creating employment. According to the importance of word of mouth advertising as a source of information and its impact on the formation of destination image and destination personality and as well as the effects of these on trust and close relationship of these variables to the satisfaction of destination and ultimately its impact on tourists' loyalty, The present study following The question that word of mouth advertising has a significant impact on destination image, destination personality, trust to destination, satisfaction and loyalty? The population of this study, Iranian tourists visiting the cities of Khorramabad, Isfahan and shosh. In this research for data analysis from descriptive statistics and inferential statistics in the form of software SPPS (22.0) and LISREL (8.8) is used. In this study, all hypotheses have been proposed, but word of mouth advertising has not a direct effect on the personality and as well as impact of trust on loyalty is not verified.