The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Social Performance and Customer Reactions in the Foods Industry



Corporate social responsibility is one of the most important factors that impacts on its social performance and plays a key role in consumer reactions towards the corporation. The more attention the corporation has to its social responsibility dimensions, the corporation facing better reaction from consumers and society and consequently its social performance increases. The main objective of this research is to develop a model of corporate social responsibility impacts on social performance and consumer reactions. This research is an applied research in terms of aim and descriptive-survey (field study) in terms of its nature. Theoretical foundations of the research were collected using historical researches and its data was obtained using random sampling method and also a researcher-made questionnaire, which its total reliability was equal to %978. Statistical population of the research includes major customers as well as managers of the selected food firms in Khuzestan province. The research sample consists of 540 managers and customers, who have been selected randomly. For responding the research questions, testing its hypotheses and analyzing the collected data, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics via SPSS and AMOS softwares were employed. According to the obtained results all of the research hypotheses have been confirmed at %95 level of confidence. Furthermore, the research findings revealed that the research model fits the collected data from the target statistical population. Thus, corporate social responsibility impacts on consumer reactions directly and ‎indirectly with the mediating effect of social performance.