Providing a Model of Compulsive Buying among Women Using Grounded Theory


1 University of Hazrat Masumeh

2 University of Kashan


Today shopping is increasingly seen as a recreational activity and a escaping way from everyday life and even for some buyers, buying may be something beyond entertainment and turns to addiction and extremism. Cultural materialism and also development of new marketing techniques have many implications for communities that one of them is the growing phenomenon of compulsive buying. The aim of this research is to provide a model of compulsive buying among women. Statistical population of the research consists of 41 female students of Kashan University using judgment sampling. Data were collected and analyzed using interview and grounded theory via N Vivo 10 software, respectively. This research is a fundamental research and in terms of purpose and classification is qualitative. The obtained results are classified into five categories including central, causal, field, intervening, and strategic and their consequences are presented a well. The results showed that these factors cause to increase stress level, creation of bad moods and feelings as well as the need and desire to buy, that in the absence of control leads to compulsive buying and have some consequences for the individual and those around her. Many of the variables found in this research have been introduced for the first time and the proposed model has more details than the previous models.