The Impact of Social Responsibility and Corporate Image on Brand Equity



Today, corporate social responsibility is an important issue for most organizations as well as their managers. Corporate social responsibility is a crucial issue and has strategic implications for companies in all industries. One of the most valuable assets of any company is its brand. Brand equity is an asset that the company can obtain many benefits in its light and also can maintain the value of company. The aim of this research is to investigate the impact of social responsibility and corporate image on their brand equity. Furthermore, the present research is an applied one in terms of aim and descriptive-explorative in terms of data collection. Statistical population of the research consists of all consumers of MORGHAB Food Industry (YEKOYEK) in Bushehr. Also the sample size is estimated to be equal to 384 using accessible sampling method. The results showed that corporate social responsibility has a significant positive impact on its image and brand equity and corporate image have a positive and significant impact on brand equity.