The Effect of Top Management Support on Green Marketing Strategy and Environmental Performance in the Industrial Sector of Iran


Alzahra university


This research seeks to analyze the influence of top managerial support from environmental practices and environmental culture on green marketing strategy. Also, it aims to explore the impact of green marketing strategy on environmental performance and economic performance of business-to-business organizations in Iran. The survey was conducted using descriptive approach. The researchers have studied 80 B2B firms that were in the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade as well as the Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran. Data were collected and analyzed using questionnaire as well as SPSS and LISREL softwares, respectively. The research findings revealed that environmental culture in B2B organizations has an influence on green marketing strategy and top managerial support from environmental practices can develop environmental culture inside the organization. Adopting green marketing strategy by B2B organizations in Iran can improve economic performance but since the issue of environment is not considered as a strategic issue in our country and organizations do not use updated standards, so the environmental performance is in inappropriate situation.