Providing a framework of combination Kano model with Rubost design to enhance customer satisfaction in Service Organizations


yazd university


In Iran, banks are known as a center of economic activities and play an important role contribute to economic growth, hence customer retention is important in these organizations. Today, the bank managers found, enhance the qualitative level of service, is the key to achieve customer satisfaction, so organizations need to take steps towards identifying effective factors on customer satisfaction .Due to this, study attempted to provide an integrated approach, based on the Kano model and robust design in Grey space, for stepping beyond the scope of the models that have been mentioned so far, And to identify factors influencing customer satisfaction, the optimal combination of critical factors for achieving the proposal bank customer satisfaction was presented. The results showed that, when the strategies provide banking services to reach the desired level of quality, quality characteristic such as, "working quickly to deal with customers", "respectful and appropriate behavior with clients" and "being regulated employees" should be in good level of quality . Also, this study shows that the design of banking services, with an average level of "quality of work provided to the customer" and "appeared to be decent staff" is acceptable. Designing banking services in the framework of this study, can provide the highest level of customer satisfaction for banks.