A study of the effect of software products’ marketing mix on satisfaction and behavioral intention of costumers


Persian Gulf university


Increasing complexity of the business environment of organizations has created a market where the demand for technological products, and especially softwares, as an efficient solution to respond to the complexities, constantly is increasing. Naturally, with increasing demands for such product, what is in importance is designing the marketing activity in a way that commensurate with the nature of these products and also respond effectively to the needs of the target market. Considering this issue, this study aims to investigate the effect of marketing mix of technological products on satisfaction and behavioral intentions of costumers in public organization of Bushehr.
Based on this, a sample consist of 32 public organization of Bushehr were selected and surveyed. Structural analyses of causal relations in model show that, software attributes had positive and significant effect on costumers’ satisfaction. Also, promotion and satisfaction of costumers positively affects their behavioral intentions. Furthermore, relational factors not also affect costumers’ satisfaction, but also moderate the effect of costumers’ satisfaction on their behavioral intention.