A study of the effective factors on users’ loyalty towards email services: Investigating e-quality, e-satisfaction, and e-trust


Persian Gulf University


Nowadays, widespread use of email for interpersonal and business communication encourages the marketers to pay much more attention to the e-mail marketing usage. To reach this success, the retention and attraction of customers are matters of great importance. Therefore, considering the customers’ loyalty towards e-mail services is tremendously significant. This study aims at investigating the effective factors on the customers’ loyalty towards e-mails services. The study is an applied research and qualitative-survey type. To accomplish the research purpose, an appropriate questionnaire was designed and distributed among the students in Persian Gulf University. The obtained data were analyzed using path analysis. The findings show that the e-quality, e-satisfaction, and e-trust have the most positive effect on the customers’ e-loyalty respectively. Moreover, e-quality reveals a significant and positive effect on both e-satisfaction and e-trust. Finally, e-satisfaction has a significant impact on e-trust.