The effect of market orientation and international business relationship on export performance(Case study of the handicraft industry in Tehran)


1 shahid beheshti university

2 alame university


Exports play an effective role in the economic development of countries. Information about the needs, tastes and preferences of consumers in foreign markets is one of the most important principles of sustainability in global markets and enhancing export performance. The aim of this study was to evaluate the potential impact of market orientation exporters in international business relations, with special emphasis on interdependence, cooperation and communication distance, and the impact of on export performance. In order to measure the variables of this research, a questionnaire has been examined Among the 118 active exporters of handy crafts people in Tehran. Validity of using the symbolic (content) method and reliability of the questionnaire was confirmed by using Cronbach's alpha method . this research is application and desciptive and one kind of correlation structure. To test hypotheses method multiple linear regression and structural equation modeling was used. 7 hypotheses were examined in this study, three hypotheses were confirmed, three hypotheses were confirmed and four hypotheses were rejected. The results showed that the orientation of cooperation between exporters and foreign buyers are promoted while the communication distance and reduce dependency and the meaningful relation among cooperation, dependency, foreign relations and export performance orientation was not founded.