Investigation of Green Marketing Tools' Effect on Consumers' Behavior among Members of Social Networks in Iran


1 Alzahra University

2 Tehran University


Manufacturers producing products conforming with environmental standards spend heavy costs on marketing their products each year. In addition to reducing the costs and gaining more profit for the company, The Identification of green marketing tools on behavior of different groups of Consumers can create competitive advantage and increase in market share for the company. This research aims to investigate the effect of green marketing tools on different groups of green consumers' behavior. The present research is a descriptive survey in terms of research method and applied in terms of its purpose. The research population consists of Internet users who are members of social networks. Multivariate and ANOVA tests are utilized to test the hypotheses with the help of SPSS software. Research findings indicate that the effective marketing tools on the behavior of different groups of consumers are environmental advertising, labeling and Brand which the effect of each one on the behavior of different groups except label environmental awareness is distinct. With the increase of consumers’ environmentalism, the effectiveness of these three tools on behavior will be increased. Research findings also indicate that “Environmental Brand” is the most effective green marketing tool influencing consumers’ behavior.