Mediator Role of Person-Organization Fit (Case Study: Major Buyers of Medicines in Tabriz)



The present research is proposed in line with the new concept of internal branding and investigates the effects of internal branding on brand citizenship behaviour with regard to the mediator role of person-organization fit. For this purpose, the research examines a certain structural model from the perspective of major buyers of medicines in round-the-clock and daily drugstores of Tabriz city. This study is a survey-applied research and is based on structural equation modeling methods. Required data were collected via a researcher-made questionnaire from 152 staffs in Tabriz drugstores (who have direct contact with customers) using cluster sampling method. Validity of the questionnaire was optimally assessed using the opinions of marketing professors and experts of pharmaceutical industry as well as developed average variance. Cronbach's alpha and composite reliability showed a suitable reliability for the questionnaire. The conceptual model test was conducted using partial least squares method and variables correlation test via SMART-PLS software. The research results showed that internal branding has a positive and significant effect on brand citizenship behaviour and person-organization fit. Also person-organization fit has a positive and significant effect on brand citizenship behavior. Correlation tests also confirmed these relationships.