The comparison of organization's performance on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation using an integrative approach of Fuzzy ANP and DEMATEL



The customer relationship management (CRM) means create and maintenance of a long term relationships with profitable customers, which is achieved through the proper use of information and communication technology. In this paper, performance of three factories in the ceramic and tile industry in Yazd has been compared according to CRM criteria in four dimensions, which include CRM output, customer, CRM process and technology alignment. The goal of this study is applied and data collection is survey-analytic. Also, three questionnaire were used for data collection. First, according to research literature, CRM criteria were identified and rated with use of Fuzzy TOPSIS technique. Then using Pareto law, most important criteria was determined based on the weight obtained through Fuzzy TOPSIS technique. In the next step, the weight of each criterion were determined using an integrative approach of Fuzzy ANP and DEMATEL, in this way, it was include that integrative technology was the most important dimension, then respectively other dimension, which are CRM process, customer and output CRM. Finally, the performance of three companies were compared based on weigh criteria.