Survey achievement of customer agility based on mass customization strategy


1 university of economic science

2 economic science


One of the most important dynamic capability of an organization to manage environmental turbulence is customer agility .Since organizations use different strategies to build this capability and because of lack of research for assessing this strategies to build customer agility .The main objective of the present study is to evaluate the ability of mass customization strategy to achieving the customer agility , in other words the purpose of this research is to answer the question whether mass customization strategy can lead to the formation of customer agility capability. The conceptual model is presented and tested based on the involvement theory, the functional theory of attitudes, and theories on the desirability of uniqueness.This research based on the goal is practical and based on the way is survey- analysis. Statistical population of research is the production of custom automotive vehicles company(APCO).General information obtained from the analysis model shows that if the mass customization strategies based on customers' individual differences define customer participation can lead to customer agility capability in three-dimension of sense, responsiveness and learning.