Phenomenology in Consumer Research




Application of qualitative research methods in consumer behavior is carried out through the methods such as experimental surveys, protocol interviewing, projective techniques, role-playing interview, in-depth interview, and focus groups. However, these methods only cover part of the qualitative research process. In fact, they are mostly data gathering approaches. Rigorous Understanding of qualitative and quantitative methodologies should be considered regarding their philosophical fundamentals and logical relation should exist between questions and research methodology. In case of reducing paradigm disturbance, if researcher seek experiences, meanings and insights of consumer behavior, qualitative methods should be applied (included various related schemes) such as phenomenology and grounded theory. In this research, previous research and related literature in phenomenology have been reviewed, in the next step, existential-phenomenology as an alternative paradigm and purely qualitative approach for conceptualized consumer experiences have been presented. This research would result in a rigorous understanding of consumer experiences by providing a philosophical framework and qualitative methodology in marketing for marketing academic and practical managers.