The Investigation of Mediating Role of Market Orientation and Intrapreneurship Behavior in Relationship between Business Strategy and Organizational Performance



Today, all companies must change their business strategies in order to grow faster than competitors and create more value for the customer. In this competition area, Factors that can act as a competitive advantage for companies, distinguish them and improve their performance are emphasizing on Trading Strategies, Market trends and Entrepreneurial behavior. So this study sought to evaluate the impact of competitive strategies - Costs leadership and differentiation - on medium and large manufacturing companies Performance with the intermediary role of market trends and Entrepreneurial Behavior. This is an applied research that is done by a descriptive and Survey method. A questionnaire was used for data collection. Content and construct validity and reliability was confirmed by using Cronbach alpha. The population of medium and large manufacturing firms in the industrial town of Mashhad city are surveyed. Sampling in this study is simple random and probable. PLS software is used to analyze the data. Data relating to 89 companies that responded to the survey questions, Confirms the Mediator role of " Intrapreneurship behavior" between "business strategy" and "organizational performance" confirms.In addition, Cost leadership strategy has Significant relationship to performance , Market Orientation and Intrapreneurship behavior .Differentiation Strategies are directly in relation with Market Orientation and Intrapreneurship behavior and finally Intrapreneurship behavior has directed relation with performance. Also the mediating role of market orientation in the relationship between business strategy and organizational performance was not approved.