SMS advertisements\' adoption among Tehran mobile users



Mobile marketing and SMS (short message services) advertising in particular, have been recently used. Even though SMS-based advertising is inexpensive, interactive, and able to yield a high response rate, middle or big size companies do not use it in Iran. For as much as its adoption was unclear, this study was organized to find it out. Since the most populated city in our country, Tehran, is a good multicultural instance to study in many fields, this research has aimed at its citizens' intention to use SMS advertisement. The statistical populations included are mobile users, who came to Mobile Customer Service located in north, south, west, east and centre of Tehran. From which 384 were considered as samples. Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) was used for making hypothesizes. Survey's data was collected by questionnaire with cluster and random sampling. Collected data was analyzed regarding to the method: Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) in order to do which, the technique Partial List Squares (PLS) were used. The results revealed that: despite the lack of adoption for the SMS advertising among mobile users in Tehran, there could be chances to improve it by better perceived usefulness as well as its ease of use. Innovativeness of the people and their trust has indirect impact on their intention to use. Moreover, getting prior permission, making a profile, and individualizing the context with richness of information and entertainers are recommended. Using the new generation 3G and shortcuts will be able to improve SMS advertisement's adoption as well.