A review of effective factors on little and big companies operation regarding to transportation and the skills of marketingand identifying the best variables for their distinctive


1 University of Mashhad,

2 , Ferdowsi University of Mashhad,


 Most of little commercials are during families that usually they do not have marketing skills and they are in lack of basically capabilities to be up to date in marketing distribution. They are mostly in selling and buying and having deposits and they spend less time on improving marketing and transportation distribution. Therefore this survey is looking for identifying marketing skills and transportation distribution which is regarding to big and little companies. Thought in this concern a questionnaire was spreader between 173 companies working in Mashhad industrial pole. It should be told the questionnaire is made of experts' ideas and the other made of analyzing of final points and also it was estimated by Apha Kronbakh. It is analyzing of regression in this study indicated that the buying factors and providing factors explain the operation of little and big companies. Personal analyze also indicated that company services has the most important difference between big and little companies