Investigation of social shopping for fashion in apparel market of Tehran



Social shopping behavior of fashion embraces various activities, direct/indirect complex and dynamic interpersonal happening during the process of buying fashion and causes customers’ pleasure and satisfaction from purchasing intention, which in long-term helps sales improvement. Market of fashion apparel in IRAN is the biggest consumer market in the Middle East. Despite this huge marke, marketing knowledge of fashion apparel in iran has not been developed yet. considering the nessecities of subject, This study has taken place in city of Tehran, Iran in order to assess the social purchase behavior of consumers and drivers in the field of fashion garments. This study based on purpose is an applied research and in terms of method of data collection is a discriptive- correlation research. A questionnaire was used to collect data. Statistical population includes all people over 20 years in the city of Tehran. Sample size of 465 persons was calculated using Cochran formula. Using stratified sampling with age pyramid by Iran Statistical Center, 500 questionnaires were distributed. 15 incomplete questionnaires were eliminated and finally, 485 questionnaires were analyzed. Data analysis was performed using partial least squares. In measurement mode, the technical characteristics of questionnaire were assessed and In structural model the research hypotheses were examined. Research findings indicate a significant positive relationship between fashion clothing involvement and five dimensions of social shopping behavior. On the other hand, there is a positive and meaningful relationship between materialism and the need for uniqueness by consumers’ involvement toward fashion apparel.