Effect of green marketing mix elements on customers loyalty to brand Naghsh e Jahan Sugar co.


1 Esfahan Search and Sience Branch

2 Esfahan University


This study was conducted to analyze the effects of mixed green marketing elementsas an important factors of marketing on customers loyalty to the brand of Naghshe Jahan Sugar Company. The statistical population includes all of the company’s customers. The size of the sample was calculated to be 235 people selected at random. A questionnaire composed of 64 questions for used to gather data. Various tools and methods were used to analyze the gathered data including the software packages Spss and Amos, independent t-tests, variance analysis, …, t2, and structural equations modeling. The results showed that there is a meaningful relation between the dimension of green marketing mix such as green product, green price, green promotion, and green distribution and the dimensions of customer loyalty such as attitudinal loyalty and behavioral loyalty.