The Effect of Relationship Marketing Strategies On The Irankhodro`s authorized dealers ‘ economical Performance


1 Management and Accounting, Allame TabaTabaee University

2 Department of Strategic Management Higher National Defense University


Today, there is strong competition in any business, managers are trying to develop long-term relationships with customers led to loyalty, satisfaction, and providing their profitability. Therefore, this study aims to examine the impact of marketing relationship on economic performance in Iran Khodro agencies. In this study 176 car customers and 88 managers in Tehran are surveyed. The required data were collected using a questionnaire were analyzed using the software. The results indicate that the effect is related to marketing communications, and economic performance. It also showed that the activities of the customer view recruitment agencies authorized Iran Khodro first place, second place position in the market for these agents, quality relationships with customers on behalf of third place, fourth place Resellers customer loyalty to products and services, the customer's perception the representations in the fifth and ultimately loyalty programs conducted by the agency is in the sixth grade.