Personal drivers and factors influencing the attitude toward mobile advertising: A Study on Mobile phone users


Persian Gulf University


Today, mobile advertising is considered one of the most important and influential marketing activities, because marketers through the small media ability to individual access and have direct contact with users at any time and place. In this regard, businesses need to focus on the lead to effective results advertise acceptance by customers according to their needs and tendencies.
The aim of this study is to analyze individual drivers influencing attitudes toward mobile advertising. The present study is applicable in terms of goal as well as descriptive in terms of data acquisition. Research conceptual model was developed based on theoretical studies of mobile marketing and advertising and data acquisition was carried out by surveying of 400 mobile phone users. For data analysis and verification of the model, structural equation modeling approach (SEM) and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) were used.
Based on the results of the path analysis the relationship between the variables in the model is investigated and results suggest that indicators of social influence, innovativeness, mobile phone technology and the general attitude towards advertising have a significant positive effect on attitude toward mobile advertising, while individual knowledge has a negative impact on attitude toward mobile advertising.