Investigating and Categorizing Effective Factors and Components on New Product Development Process (Studying SMEs Managers’ Perspective in Food and Beverage Industries of Fars Province)


شیراز بلوار هفت تنان ک 28 پ381


Success in New Product Development projects (NPD) has been a crucial challenge for the past managers and these challenges have encompassed today's managers as well. The majority of researchers in this connection have been trying to find out a reason why the failure rate of Product Development Projects is high. Although this issue is very momentous and significant, but it has a special complexity in itself so that determining effective factors on New Product Development have been faced different results in different studies. For instance, failure of these types of projects in small and medium companies (SMEs), as the source of entrepreneurship in economy, are considered as an acute problem in comparison with large companies, in a way that some of these failures prevent their survival. This research is a quantitative research in which by extensive reviewing of related literature and also performing structured interviews with SMEs managers, the requisite questionnaire has designed. The data was collected through distributing the questionnaire among the targeted population. The results of this research identified five critical factors on success of New Product Development of these companies. These factors include: technological, supporting, marketing, organizational inward, and commercialization. Likewise, the results of categorizing effective components on success of New Product Development indicate that encouraging to create good and practical ideas and attraction of new introduced products to the market are considered as the most important and prominent components.