Identify and Rank the Factors Affecting the Development of the Export Business in International Markets



This study aimed to identify and rank the factors affecting the development of the export business in international markets in 1393. The study sample consisted of all experts, corporate executives and entrepreneurs in the field of international export markets. It should be noted that the number of the sample was 147, that a sample of 87 students randomly using a random number table as the sample size was chosen by the whole number. Data in this research has been to both qualitative and quantitative method, that on the basis of recorded statements from interviews, discussions and negotiations, principles of observation, documentation, etc., as well as the questionnaire is used. Cronbach's alpha was used to determine the reliability of the method. Using this method, the reliability of the 0.79, Coefficients obtained in authentication method, acceptable and appropriate, so reliability is verifiable To describe and to analyze the data, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics test (one-way student t- test for comparison with a fixed value, etc.) is used in order to support advanced statistical software was used IBM SPSS Ve 21. The results showed that the order of preference advertising, financial resources, raw materials, market research, technology and know-how, infrastructure requirements, quality products, highly competitive international, strategic vision, support and role of government, the industry as a factors affecting the development of export business in international markets in terms of case studies have been identified.