The Causes of the Seller Performance in Outsourcing Information Systems



The correct use of outsourcing causes balance in cost and producing time، concentration on main  competitive benefits  and also promotion on quality of services and products and efficacy of organization. The present study investigates the performance of vendors in the outsourcing of information systems (case study: Citizen store Bayhaqi). The method of research based on the nature is cross-survey method and based on the purpose is applied. According to this study، there are 98 managers and 119 vendors. The statistical population composes of 217 subjects. It has been given survey questionnaire to all the aforementioned vendors and managers. In this study، Cronbach’s alpha coefficients is going to be applied which has been formed based on evaluation of internal consistency. It’s attained that the impact of capability of client’s purchasing is effective on servicing quality and also the impact of the project management quality on the servicing quality and capability of project management is operative on the capability of client’s purchasing.