Investigation of customer perception of waiting time on the phone insurance system


رشت، گلسار، خیابان 104، کوچه نیلوفر، پلاک 37، طبقه سوم


This study used descriptive research – survey, with applicable purpose. And using questionnaires to collect data to Investigation of customer perception model of waiting time on the phone insurance systems. In this study, in order to increase the accuracy is to use statistical sampling census and all members of society are used as examples. Therefore, the sample size of 390 is equal to the population size. Data processing was performed using SPSS softwareIn this study, were investigated the relationship between the actual waiting times, expectations of customer in waiting time, individual and situational factors associated with the estimation error, also relationship between customer satisfaction and estimation error. The results show that the estimation error is negatively correlated with customer satisfaction. In addition, when customers have more experienced and expected on waiting time, and real-time are increasing, their estimation error are decreasing. Conversely, if their calls are more urgent, their estimation error was increasing. Playing music with fast rhythms will also increase customer satisfaction. And Females will have higher estimation error than males.