The Impact of Boycott Intention on Purchase Decision through Consumer Decision Making Style


1 Institute for Research and Planning in Higher Education, Tehran

2 Shahid Beheshti Uni


One of the most important issues that Iran faces with is boycott term that can be studied from various aspects and for the first time in Iran this variable is marked in management concept in this paper. The purpose of the paper is surveying the impact of boycott intention on purchase decision through consumer decision making style according to the use of American toothpastes in Tehran. The sample was 345 American toothpaste consumers that surveyed by questionnaire which approved a valid and reliable six-item version of the scale. Analysis conducted by regression techniques and findings show that the scale can be used effectively in these mixed political and economic variables. The results presented that Tehran's American toothpastes consumers don’t have any attention on boycott decision paying attention on quality, plan and confused factors but not about others through the purchase decision although the only important part of purchase decision for the consumers was brand.