The influence of consumers' beliefs on their impulse buying in an online environment


University of Guilan


Our study provides insight into the relationships between online store beliefs and consumer online impulse buying behavior. The model was tested using survey data from 384 customers of online store in Tehran city. After collecting the data and information is used structural equation test of the inferential techniques using smart Lisrel software. Our results showed that Attractiveness of goods have Symmetric effect on both positive and negative emotions, while the ease of use had significant influence on emotions. According to the beliefs of "encouraging the result of marketing" fun and style to communicate with the website, have a significant impact on positive emotions, but the effect is insignificantly negative emotion and ultimately results in a significant impact on incentives to purchase and enjoy the search for a meaningful impact on the purchase of an impulse buying, So to stimulate the purchase. Online retailers should be creating a site calm, friendly and fun with attractive Ordering.