Analysis of Retailer Equity Based on Selected Store Image Dimensions (Case Study: Refah, CityCenter (HyperStar) & Kowsar stores)


University of Isfahan


Complex and dynamic stores environment causes customers have different perceptions to image and store products. Stores may be active in managing their images in customers mind. Desirable and powerful imagery from the store for customers creates value for retailers and customers. Retailer equity is manifested in awareness, association, perceived quality and loyalty towards the retailer. In this paper, the influence of dimensions of store image on retailer equity has been studied with a sample size of 250 customers of 3 convenience stores, Refah, complex of citycenter (HyperStar) and Kowsar, with a questionnaire. 11 research hypotheses with path analysis model, with AMOS software had been evaluated. Results show the positive influence of 6 dimensions of store image on retailer equity and the positive influence of other dimensions of retailer equity on loyalty towards the retailer. According to the proposals, can adjust negative perceptions of store image customer to stores and maintain desired position.