The Effect of Capabilities of Network on the International Performance of Import and Export Companies


Persian Gulf University


Due to geographic and physical distance between buyer and seller in export and import companies can exist. Use of networks may play an important role in enterprises. The study has examined the abilities of a network and its impact on its international performance. Networking capabilities include network Features, network resources and network operations. Network features include the ability to build relationships and trust in network. Network operations include network coordination and learning, and network resources are made up of the three dimensions of human capital resources, network synergies resources, and sharing of information. In this paper, after studying the capabilities of the network, its impact on the international performance has been investigated by stating assumptions. The studied population in this research project are import and export companies of Bushehr province, and the sample is 105 company. (PLS) software is used to test the conceptual model of the study. The results show that the network features, network operations and network resources have significant impacts on the performance of export and import companies.