Studying the Relationship Between Entrepreneurial Marketing Mix and Organizational Learning in Isfahan Gas Company


University of Isfahan


The aim of this paper was to study the relationship between entrepreneurial marketing mix (purpose, practices, process and people) and organizational learning in Isfahan Gas Company. In this study population is 317 personal of Isfahan Gas Company. Data for this descriptive study was collected from 151 managers and employees of this company. This research is a combination of library and field methods and is a kind of applied research. The main tool of gathering information in this research is questionnaire. For organizational learning used research made questionnaire. For validity of questionnaire, distributed five questionnaire among advisor, consultant and other experts and after reviews comments of each of them, questionnaire was finally corrected after performing their final comments and thereby the validity of the questionnaire was approved. Cronbach’s alpha was used to determine the reliability of questionnaire that value obtained 0.84 for the organizational learning questionnaire and 0.9 for the entrepreneurial marketing mix questionnaire, Structural equation modeling is used for analysis of the relations among the factors and after the data analysis with SPSS and AMOS software, main research hypothesis were approved. This mean the entrepreneurial marketing mix have significant and positive relationship with organizational learning in Isfahan Gas Company.