Prioritize the Factors in the Evaluation of Exporter Based on strategic flexibility by Using FANP


University of Mazandaran


What more than before in recent decades has found is internationalization of trade and company to the world market. Export is one of the most important ways to enter global market that has a direct role in grow and economic development of the country. Because of by providing fields of earn foreign exchange sources, will be earn for shaping structures, import and increase production. But the turbulence in the world an unprecedented degree of changes has experienced in recent years. Tat strategic flexibility in order to respond to the threats come ahead due to environmental changes and ultimately, the uncertainty has become an important concept.
In the present article, following the localization of Cadogan and associates (2012) model that discussing strategic flexibility in the export, was paid to determine the importance of the model criteria by using FANP. To this end of opinions of 12 experts from business collected by using questionnaire and analyze it has taken place via Excel and Matlab software. The findings of the study represent the high priority export experience: the number of years of experience in export activities, the number of countyies, and then requires the administrator to decide, focus on decision-making and small decisions referred index.