Investigation antecedents and consequences of price fairness based on attritional theory.


Tehran University


price fairnessone of themost important issues inthe field ofpricingand it has great influenceoncustomerbuyingbehavior. However, in Iran and Wordfewresearchershave addressed to this topic. Thisstudy was undertaken aimedto assessment antecedents and consequences of price fairness. Forthispurpose have used conceptual model based on attritional theory. Survey's data was collected by questionnaire with random sampling. Collected data was analyzed regarding to the method: Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) in order to do which Lisrel and Spss software was used. Research hypothesis proposed based on past investigations and all of the hypothesiswas confirmed. The result of the data analysis revealed that:emotional response and cognitive attribution influenced directly price fairness but price comparison influenced inversely price farness and It was also revealed that while price fairness directly influenced favorable behavioral intentions (behavioral loyalty and willingness to pay), it also influenced unfavorable behavioral intentions (e.g. revenge and complaining behavior).