A Model of E-Loyalty and Word-Of-Mouth based on e-trust in E-banking services (Case Study: Mellat Bank)



Customers extend robust trust to a business when they believe the business puts their interests first. Good experience of banking services and recommendations of other customers can increase trust. Loyalty and Word of mouth (WOM) is accepted as key factors successes of marketing. This paper seeks to discover the affecting factors on positive word of mouth and loyalty based on trust enhancement that might be influenced by results of service quality in internet banking context. In fact, purpose of this research is presenting A Model of E-Loyalty, E-trust and Word of Mouth, whit Emphasize on E-ServQual Model and e-satisfaction and bank image. A structural equation model was developed and was tested by data surveyed from Iranian customers that used internet service of Mellat Bank. The sample composed of customers who were belonging to different states. Path analysis was applied to test the proposed model. The findings are belonging to one bank only but, they give a valuable framework for future research into WOM, E-Trust and e-Loyalty in Electronic Banking context. The importance of Trust, WOM and loyalty in professional services marketing is widely acknowledged however, knowledge about how to enhance their Prerequisite is little. Present study provides a better understanding of affecting factor on customer loyalty, trust and WOM for marketing. Final presented model of this research in first research about Trust, WOM and Loyalty in internet banking that measure e-SQ and its effect on loyalty and word of mouth with by e-trust respect to satisfaction and corporate image. Previous research attended to loyalty only and limited to a few factors. Whereas, this paper provides insights on related factors of WOM, trust and loyalty that is currently a part of black box in the marketing literature and internet banking context.