E-recruitment in Iranian Bank and insurance industry



Currently, e-recruiting is one of the most successful e-commerce applications as a method for quickly reaching a large pool of the potential job seekers. The capability of advanced e-recruiting tools has enabled recruiters to quickly identify and hire qualified candidates, and to build ongoing relationships with prospective employees. The aim of this paper is to review and analyze the E- recruitment in Iranian banks and insurance industry. And content analysis was used to achieve this. In other words, in this study The website content was analyzed by researchers. These organizations are selected based on the ranking of the top 100 organizations in 1390. The results of this study indicate that Most of these organizations have at least part of the electronic recruitment and Obviously, these organizations have understood the importance of the electronic recruitment. also in this organizations more have been emphasized on advertisement and HR Policies and activities. also these organizations had less attention to recruitment process, internship, Types of employment, HR Vision, Announcing the results & Post Resume.