E-money Laundering Prevention



Although the word of “Money Laundering” isn’t very old in world literature, but attempted money laundering has a long history a long side with trade and commerce, as it always has been told. Money laundering is a process that the incomes of criminal acts enter to the economic cycle and will purify Dirty income. Therefore, we can say launderers are actually committed two offenses, primarily criminal acts and then use of mass incomes. In the current era, the speed of change and transformation in all areas, especially in the business world is unthinkable. With the arrival of electronic trading in to the range of words, Launderers using modern science and technology, electronic banking and cyberspace capabilities to make their actions complicated to prevent, detect and neutralize. After the recent global economic crisis, transparency and confidence-building, especially banks, monetary systems have become more important. Accordingly dealing in the field of money laundering and terrorism financing issues emphasized by observer authorities, including the Central Bank of the countries. Among the important questions are provided. What are effective methods for identifying bank customers? How financial operations are observed and monitored? How to record your data in the digital space area? And finally, How and when to report and what information to provide to the competent authorities? Preparing, planning and registration of new standards and evaluation of all activities of involving institutions, particularly banks, requires entry of all those who know the value of the negative consequences of anti-money laundering offense. Although, this work should be organized and the financial intelligence unit (FIU) must conduct all Anti-Money laundering with monitoring role in area of suspicious transaction reports and follow-up them. Because cyberspace and e-government in related organizations, including banks, stock exchange, exchanges, insurance companies, national organization for civil registration, national organization for Docs and real estate registration, national organization for registration of companies and commercial enterprises have not matched yet, in that situation the importance of combating E-money laundering is manifested. And governmental officials should consider the Preparing updated laws and regulations, the infrastructure, culture, and public acceptance and international cooperation strongly.