Evaluating the effect of marketing performance on financial performance of Parsian bank



2 university of Mazandaran


Marketing performance measurement has been converted to the major priority in the field of marketing, due to the responsibility to competitive increasing pressures, and financial limitations of organizations. Review of earlier researches, indicates that rarely maintenance of account leads to damaging to the credibility of marketing, compromising marketing statue and even threatening the marketing existence as a separated strength within the company.
Inability of marketers to determine their contribution in the variations of changes in the company, is one of the most important reasons why no attention to the marketing unit in the Short-term and long-term planning. So, in this study, we survey the identification and determination of a comprehensive collection of the marketing performance measurement criteria, and the effects of them on the financial performance in the Parsian Bank.
The results of study show that the market share impact on the brand value, but customer satisfaction have not any effect on the brand value and also the brand value and the financial performance. There is a negative relationship between innovation and brand value