Analyzing Factors Influencing Virtual Bank Acceptance as New Generation of e-Banking


رشت، گلسار، خیابان 104، کوچه نیلوفر، پلاک 37، طبقه سوم


Electronic banking is one of the electronic commerce tools that has been accepted by the banking industry. Development of electronic banking activities based on information and communication technology has caused the emergence of another type of bank, which is called virtual bank that performs its products and services through electronic distribution channels without branch. Due to the differences between virtual bank and electronic banking and the importance of virtual bank activities in the banking system, the aim of this study is to analyze factors influencing on acceptance of virtual bank in Iran. For this purpose, Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) has been considered as the main model and in addition to perceived benefits and perceived ease of use, trust, government support and advertising have been also studied. An electronic questionnaire has been designed and the statistical population included Iranian electronic citizens that had received and completed the questionnaire via email in three months period. The results of analyzing 247 questionnaires imply that the perceived benefits, trust and government support have influence on acceptance of virtual bank. Also the effect of perceived ease of use on perceived benefits and trust is confirmed. Finally, some suggestions for future research have been presented.