1. Optimal Harmonization of Out-Network Traffic Control Regulations in Social Networks

Adeleh Asemi؛ Ali Alibeigi؛ AbuBakar Munir؛ Asefeh Asemi

دوره 4، ویژه نامه ، بهار 1393، ، صفحه 143-158

  Regulations of use of social networks, as one of the key components in these networks, serve an important role in controlling the flow of traffic. The study of the harmonization of these terms and regulations can be a significant step to avoid congestion and (Users’) rejection in the network. Harmonization of traffic control regulations (TCR) among social networks is one of the best solutions to establish consequent traffic flow out of the network. Depending on the conditions, harmonization can be done in different ways. This article examines the direct pass and indirect pass methods. Node phase ...  بیشتر