1. Elements affect online repurchase intentions of Malaysia’s online shoppers

Saif-Ur-Rehman Khan؛ Khalil Md Nor؛ Ezzatollah Asgharizadeh؛ Ali Akbar Hozhabri؛ Meisam Karami؛ Mohammad Ali Hajizadeh Gashti

دوره 4، ویژه نامه ، بهار 1393، ، صفحه 133-142

  Today, the internet is the significant tool of online shopping in all around the world. Online transaction systems make shopper possible to make payment for services or products utilizing the internet. The current paper purpose is to focus on the elements that can affect online repurchase intentions. In the current paper we utilized survey questionnaire to gather 102 in Malaysia from those that at least done one online shopping. In addition, data collection is using regression model to determine the significance relationship between the trust and privacy and online repurchase intentions. Moreover, ...  بیشتر