1. An investigation of the factors affecting customer satisfaction with electronic banking in Isfahan

Behzad Hakiminya؛ Amirhasan kamali Sarvestani؛ Mahboobe Mahboobe Sadeghzadeh tabrizi؛ Mojtaba Saeidizadeh

دوره 3، ویژه نامه ، بهار 1392، ، صفحه 139-150

  The increasing growth and development of communications technology has created a major change indifferent aspects of human life and organizational performance. New technologies have changed function and attitudes of individuals and organizations and have become an important aspect in creating new jobs and innovation in organizations. Development of new phenomena such as electronic business, electronic commerce and electronic banking has changed individuals' attitude toward organizations. All organizations look to attract customers and increase their satisfaction to sustain their productivity and ...  بیشتر